Fireproof Safes – 4 Reason You Need to Have One at Home

In 2018 alone, Fires created about $25.6 billion in monetary damages. ( With Fires being out of our control until it’s too late sometimes, it’s better to keep your valuable documents and belongings safe by investing in a fireproof home safe.  

A fireproof safe at home is a great place to store important documents, expensive items, cash, family heirlooms and so much more. Given the 360 degrees of security and peace of mind a safe provides for your possessions, it is not surprising that investing in a fireproof safe doesn’t come cheap. For that reason, you might be skeptical about having one at all. Although some safes may be pricier than others (due to added Burglary protection and features), you can still find a great fire resistance home safe with us, such as our popular Hollon Safe HS-500D series.

If you are still on the fence about getting a fire-resistant safe, here’s what they can do for you in case of emergencies and even just general protection. 

Fireproof SafeSafe for Fire

1. Safes protect valuable possessions.

When it comes to item possession, a fireproof safe can keep even the most vicious fires away from your documents and items. When you have items that you just can’t afford to lose (home deeds, life insurance policies, tax returns, etc) then you’ll want to invest in a safe that can keep your documents intact. You may also have sentimental items that you want to keep, such as photos and art, which are priceless possessions. In an unfortunate event that your house catches fire, the chances are that you will not have time to grab all the items you need. A fireproof safe can keep its contents safe and undamaged from any natural disaster, including floods and storms, while you wait for the fire department to come put out the fire.

2. Safes provide you with peace of mind.

Because your valuable possessions are kept in a fireproof safe, you have peace of mind, even when you are traveling elsewhere or away from your home for prolonged periods. Knowing that all your essential documents, valuable jewelry, priceless photographs, and so on are kept safe, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Should a disaster occur, the safe will keep its contents protected, whether it be a fire, hurricane, or anything else. Most safes come with a Lifetime fire protection warranty, meaning that if you're safe is destroyed in a fire, we'll replace it free of charge.

3. Top Rated Fire-Resistance Safes will help lower insurance premium rates

When you have a safe at home, it can also lower the premiums that you have to pay to your insurance provider. In turn, it enables you to save money as well - adding another great reason that makes a Safe quite the investment. 

Insurance companies assess the degree of security for the items they cover. When they know that your home's security rating is higher, thanks to the safe, your insurance premiums will drop. Additionally, an at-home safe solution is cheaper than renting a safety deposit at the bank, meaning that you save even more money over time and don't have to constantly make trips to the bank.

4. You can control accessibility

Sometimes, you would want to limit the accessibility of some items only to those with individual permissions. For example, you might have a gun for home security. Leaving it in a drawer makes it accessible to anyone, not to mention that it can compromise the safety of people in your household, especially young children. With a safe, only those that know the combination or have the key to it can access the safe, so you don’t have to worry about things falling into the wrong hands.

Should I Buy A Safe or Rent a Safety Deposit from my Bank?

There are many benefits you can gain from having a fireproof safe at home instead of paying the bank to rent one of theirs. From keeping your items safe from fire and other natural disasters to help you save money through lowered insurance rates, a fireproof safe is a worthy investment. So, if you’re still having second thoughts given its cost, consider the factors mentioned above. In the long term, it will help you save money and headaches in trying to recover or restore your damaged items.

We provide the best home safes and vaults in the US for all your precious possessions, including jewelry and gun collections. Get in touch with us today, and we will help you find the one that suits your needs.

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