Gun Safe Buying Guide: Best Gun Safes - What To Know

Gun safes are essential for any gun owner, to ensure their weapons don’t end up in the wrong hands or get damaged by fire. Whether you own a gun to protect your family or for sport, gun safes guarantee burglars, children, and flames will never get close to your guns. In this gun safe buying guide, we’ll advise you on what to look out for when buying the best gun safes

What To Look for In The Best Gun Safes

All the industry-leading gun safes are fireproof. They’re designed to resist both searing house fires and burglars equipped with heavy-duty tools. However, various features and qualities may or may not be suitable for your gun.

What Size Gun Safe Do I Need?

Our general rule is, the bigger, the better. Gun safes descriptions state they hold a specific number of guns, such as 24 to 72. But this number rarely takes into account scopes, grips, and other attachments that quickly take up space. If you don’t have enough space, you’ll be forced to remove all your guns out at once just to get one. That will only result in frustration and dings to your guns. We advise calculating how much space your accessories and attachments will take up rather than purely the gun count.

Gun Safe Size Checklist

  • Guns
  • Magazines, speed loaders, belts, etc
  • Scopes, sights, grips, etc
  • Flashlights
  • Binoculars, conversion kits
  • Hunting knives, gloves, and GPs
  • Cleaning gear, spare parts, and tools.
  • Earmuffs and shooting glasses
  • Gun cases, receipts, and paperwork

What Lock Does My Gun Safe Need?

Go electronic. Pretty much all the best gun safes these days are equipped with electronic locks that prevent thieves and children from entering. Dial/Mechanical locks are good too, but for fast and easy access, an Electronic powered Lock Gun Safe is the way to go.

What Ratings Should You Look For?

Next up in our gun safe buying guide, ratings. The following will help you judge which rating you need for your gun’s value:

  • RSC - Suitable for up to $5,000 content value. Withstands 5 minutes of attacks. 
  • B-Rated - Suitable for up to $10,000 content value. 
  • C-Rated - Suitable for up to $30,000 content value.
  • UL/TL-15 - Suitable for up to $200,000 content value. Withstands 15 minutes of attacks from heavy-duty tools (except the top and sides).
  • UL/TL-30 - Suitable for up to $375,000 content value - Withstands 30 minutes of attacks from heavy-duty tools (except the top and sides)
  • U.L. TL-30X6 - Suitable for up to $ 1,000,000 content value. Withstands 30 minutes attacks on all sides.

California Legal Requirements

If you live in California (or any other state with similar gun storage laws), you may be legally required to own a gun safe, which meets California DOJ requirements. It should be listed in the gun safe’s product description.

What Material Should My Gun Safe Be Made From?

Anything with 15-20 gauge steel is easy to break into, so don’t waste your money on cheap cabinets like these. Instead, look for around 12 or better gauge steel, which is thick and hard to penetrate. We also suggest you look for a gun safe with a triple hard plate. 

Your Gun Safe Must-Have: Bolts

If the gun safe you’re looking at doesn’t have bolts in the door, then run away! These make the door near impossible to open.

What Extra Features Do I Need?

A gun safe is often about more than just protection. It’s a place to store your guns with pride and style. Here are some of the best extra features you might want in your gun safe:

Adjustable Shelves

Buying a gun safe with adjustable shelves is a great idea, as you can modify the interior to fit your guns’ sizing and shapes. 

Power Supply and USB Ports

These are fantastic for charging up any gadgets you have and attaching custom interior lights. The best gun safe manufacturers have included them for years, to allow extra customization. 

Interior Lights

Some gun safes come with pre-equipped interior lights, perfect for ease of access and stylish display. 

Interior Liner

Interior fabric is rarely seen, even on the best gun safes. But it’s maybe the added bonus you’re looking for to prevent dings to your guns. 

What Are the Best Gun Safes?

There are many highly trusted US manufacturers making top-tier gun safes, including Socal, Hollon Safe, Cannon, Sun Welding, and Sports Afield. However, after years of experience in the industry, we believe that Cannon & Hollon Safes make the best gun safes.

Cannon Gun Safes

Considered one of the best brands in safes and home security, Cannon has been producing American made gun safes since 1965. Here’s what makes them stand apart from the rest:

  • Longer bolts with Anti Pry Tabs - No other competitor produces bolts as long and hard to break.
  • Triple Hard Plate - Cannon provides 3 layers of 60+ RC hardened steel to ensure the locking mechanism is protected even after hours of torch attacks.
  • Cannon gun safes are tested to withstand 1200 degrees, far more than the average test of 300 degrees.
  • Cannon’s “True Tests” are carried out on all their gun safe designs, setting the industry standard.

Gun Safe In Garage - Cannon Gun Safe

Buy Fireproof and Burglar Resistant Gun Safes

USA Safe store has a wide selection of gun safes that have been tested to withstand house fires and burglar break-ins. We hope our gun safe buying guide has helped you find what you need to protect your weapons, but you can always get in touch with us today if you have any more questions!

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