Hollon Safe FB-450E 2 Hr Fire Resistant Safe, Fire and Burglary Home Safe, Electronic Lock

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        When you need to keep your valuables safe, protect them with the Hollon Safe FB-450E 2 Hr Fire Resistant Safe, Fire and Burglary Home Safe. This home safe features multiple layers of defenses designed to withstand both fires and burglars. The heavy-duty steel has vault-style hinges and a full-length 1-inch-thick locking bar for added security. Even if a would-be-robber did cut off the hinges, the door still couldn't be removed. Plus, the safe weighs a hefty 242 pounds and comes with bolt-down hardware, so your valuables aren't going anywhere.

        We use rigorous KIS and JIS testing to ensure safes are fireproof for up to two hours at 1700 degrees externally and 350 degrees internally. Safes also go through 30-foot impact tests.

        We've considered every security scenario so you don't have to. Oyster Series safes are also easy and convenient to use, with standard S&G electronic keypads and automatic re-locking functions when the doors close.

        Every safe comes standard with an S&G Electronic Lock. Another feature the Oyster Series offers is a detent for automatic re-locking (with electronic lock) of your door when closing.

        Click Here to view the Product Spec Sheet.
        • 2 Hour Fireproof
        • S&G electronic keypad
        • 2 moving front bolts
        • 1 vertical locking bar
        • 1 adjustable shelf
        • Anchor bolt hole
        • Bolt down hardware included
        • Tri-spoke Handle
        • High Intensity Auxiliary Re-lock Device
        • Heavy Duty Vault Hinges

                Product Specifications:
                Exterior Dimensions: 17 5/7” x 20” x 20 1/2” 
                Interior Dimensions: 11 2/3” x 14” x 13”
                Weight: 242  lbs
                Interior Cubic Feet: 1.23
                Fire Rating: 2 Hours
                Product Material: Steel
                Shipping Lead Time: 2 - 5 business days

                 LOCK UPGRADE OPTIONS:


                Securam ProLogic L22 Audit Lock

                S&G Spartan E-Lock

                Securam ScanLogic Basic


                1 year limited warranty

                2 years parts and labor (manufacturer's warranty)

                18 months parts only (manufacturer's warranty)


                • 30 Codes: Super Code, 2 Manager Codes and 28 User Codes
                • 200 Time/Date stamped Audit capability viewable on screen
                • Single or Dual Control mode
                • Time Delay functionality 1-99min; programmable Opening Window 1-15min;
                • Time Delay Overide
                • Enable and Disable User codes
                • Programmable Duress Code

                • Simple, 2-user lock.
                 • Manager can add, delete, or temporarily enable or disable the 
                2nd user code at any time.
                 • Two-year warranty.
                 • Lock bolt relock verification signal (double beep/LED flash).
                 • Penalty lock-out after three wrong code entry attempts.
                 • Tested to 10,000 openings on a single Duracell®
                 9-volt alkaline battery.
                 • Low battery signal.
                 • Beeper volume toggle.
                 • Uses motorized bolt-blocking technology; not shock-susceptible solenoids

                • Fast 1 second fingerprint access, sensor quickly reads your fingerprint in any position and automatically unlocks
                • Enroll up to (15) Fingerprints
                • Administrator fingerprint or code is used to add new fingerprints
                • Uses active RF sensor for fast authentication and reliable service
                • Audible beeps and green/red light indicators makes programming easy
                • 4,000+ openings on a 9 Volt battery (AC Power optional)

                Battery Type

                9 volt

                9 volt 

                9 volt


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